September 17, 2020

Designing and building your own home is a serious investment: in money, time and vision. Making sure it ages well comes down to some very important decisions early on. We all know about 'location, location, location' but design choices can mean all the difference between timeless and timewarp, and full of character or full of crazy!

While we believe honest modern design will always look current, great design comes in many forms.

Redfin asked architects and designers from across the country (including yours truly) what they t...

November 15, 2019

This week I've been finalizing the book on Norman Carver's architecture - it's with the editor as I write this. So of all the houses to come on the market recently, it is serendipitous that the one we are featuring today is a previously unknown copy of the architect's own house!

When the Carver's house in Kalamazoo was featured in a New York Times Magazine article on February 23, 1958, it was done so on the condition that Carver sell plans to anyone who was interested. He heard of two being built as a result, and had visite...

October 25, 2019

There are lots of exciting mid-century modern homes on the market this week, so it was challenging to narrow down the choices and stick with just five MCM homes! Whether you are interested in owning your very own mid-century modern church, an affordable barrel-vaulted home in Illinois or a stunning 1959 California home, we've got you covered.

Barrel-Vaulted 1960 Home in Godfrey, IL - 2,241 sqft. ($209,500)

This is excellent modern architecture at a very affordable price. Love the modest street-side facade with the ends of th...

October 18, 2019

Some great mid-century modern homes for sale this week, but one of our favorite finds is the Alside Home from 1964 in Flint, Michigan. If you're a fan of the Frost House (who isn't?) then you will love this home!

Post and Beam in Albuquerque, NM - 2,676 sqft. ($387,500)

Love the chunky post and beam structure of this house designed by Robert Riley in 1966. It features plenty of natural light from the skylights but is well protected from heat. While the detached studio/guesthouse is a bit incongruous, it has great potential....

October 11, 2019

This week, our featured mid-century modern homes for sale include a little bit of everything. Our favorite might just be the Cube House for sale in Michigan, but the Usonian by Frank Lloyd Wright also deserves plenty of attention. Great pics from across the Midwest and the East Coast in this week's real estate roundup.

Cube House in Plymouth, MI - 1,911 sqft. ($750,000)

Designed by architect Tivadar Balogh as his personal residence, this 1958 home is breathtakingly original. From the dramatic triple height entry to the light...

October 4, 2019

A lot of great bargains in this week's real estate roundup! The trouble with some of these "diamonds in the rough" is that they don't always come with spectacular photographs. These are also the kinds of homes we love to feature, because it isn't always obvious what kind of architectural beauty lies behind bad wallpaper and unattractive furniture. Some of these home come with professional real estate photos and some are poorly-lit shots from the street, but each of the listings is a mid-century modern home worth saving!


September 27, 2019

This week's real estate roundup kicks off with an exclusive about a Norman Carver home for sale right here in Kalamazoo - check it out if you're a fan of his architecture! We also feature a range of wonderful mid-century modern homes for sale across the country, including an original design in Arkansas, a Japanese post and beam in Pennsylvania, a private escape in Ohio, and and spectacular MCM architecture in Utah.

 Norman Carver Home in Kalamazoo, MI - 2,800 sqft ($489,900)

Set on a beautiful wooded lot in Carver's Twelve O...

September 20, 2019

There was a wealth of fantastic mid-century modern homes for sale over the last few days. Best of all, all of the homes we're featuring this week are reasonably priced. Sure, those million-dollar MCM homes are beautiful to look at, but these are more realistically priced for the rest of us. Look at stunning homes in Ohio, Vermont, Alabama and Kansas, each of which is priced below $346,000. 

One caveat...the first house you see in Ohio is a spectacular architect designed house that embodies MCM design and just happens to be...

September 6, 2019

This week's mid-century modern real estate roundup features vintage homes from all across the United States. Start with the dreamy sunken conversation pit home in California, then head South to an affordable Florida house. We're also featuring great MCM properties in Wisconsin, Utah, and Texas - check them all out!

Hans Ostwald Home in Berkeley, CA - 3,597 sqft. ($1,698,000)

If you're looking for a home oozing mid-century modern character and architectural finesse - and don't have a budget - this house is for you! Love the u...

August 23, 2019

Incredible diversity and a range of choice in this week's mid-century modern real estate roundup. Pay close attention to the first home on the list - it's a spectacular design on four acres at a shockingly reasonable price. Along with that Wisconsin property, we're featuring homes in California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Colorado. Check them all out!

Unique Modern at Risk in Hartford, WI - 1,819 sqft. ($235,000)

Sweeping forms combine to create a truly unique space in this 1969 home designed by architect Michael P. Johnso...

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