May 31, 2019

We've said it before, but once more for those in the back....Mid-century modern architecture doesn't have to be expensive! Sure, there are some amazing MCM homes that cost well over a million dollars, but there are plenty of less expensive options across the country. This week, all of the houses in the roundup are listed below $315,000. Check them out!

William Kessler Design in Lansing, MI - 1,720 sqft ($269,900)

Iconic folded plate design by William Kessler and purportedly one of only two ever built based on Kessler's own h...

May 24, 2019

Some truly great homes for sale in this week's mid-century modern real estate roundup. To start, there's a sleek modern home in Texas that is listed as a teardown - if you know anyone in the Lone Star State in need of a fantastic MCM property, let them know about this amazing 1971 home! We're also featuring a Norman Carver here in Kalamazoo and fantastic design elsewhere in Michigan, Oklahoma and Maryland.

Sleek Modern Listed as a Teardown in Houston, TX - 1,634 sqft. ($725,000)

In imminent danger of being destroyed and repl...

May 10, 2019

Every home featured in this week's real estate roundup is architect-designed, and some of the homes were also lived in by the architects themselves. As you can imagine, these are truly spectacular properties - and some have the price to match. You'll find spectacular mid-century modern homes in California, Florida, Oregon, Missouri and New York.

Hidden Treasure in Granite Bay, CA - 2,263 sqft. ($600,000)

This is a true gem designed by Whitney Smith and Wayne Williams in 1960. The mid-century modern home lies deep in the wood...

May 3, 2019

Light is a central theme this week with several of our picks having double height spaces and skylights. Double height spaces work great with narrow rooms as the light draws your eye up and out. Skylights allow you to have a very private room yet not feel like you're in a prison cell! Check out our favorite light-filled mid-century modern homes for sale this week all across the United States.

1962 Modern in Urbana, IL - 1,850 sqft. ($250,000)

Plenty of great design for your money here with a very modern floor plan and origina...

April 26, 2019

This week we have four fixers and one time capsule home for you. Houses sold 'as is' require a lot of dedication and money to bring them up to standard due to deferred maintenance but they are also often the most original since they retain features, finishes and that character you just can't fake. Fixers require vision and the ability to look past water stains, grime and neglect and see the potential diamond in the rough. In areas of greater land value, properties like these are often marketed for their land value and the...

April 19, 2019

This week, it's mid-century modern on a budget. All of our featured homes are listed at prices under $300k. Many include acreage and are truly untouched, time capsule homes. It's so nice to see homes that have been lived in and enjoyed before being ruined by insensitive flippers. We hope that by bringing attention to homes like these buyers, realtors, developers and even flippers will recognize the value of their original state.

Architect's Home in Longview, WA - 2,880 sqft. ($299,000)

Everything in this 1970 house is so wel...

April 12, 2019

This week we have several affordable mid century modern houses across the country and two right by us in Kalamazoo, Michigan, designed by our architect, Norman Carver. (Skip straight to the bottom the this post if you want to see those first.) Needless to say. there is great architecture to be found everywhere!

Folded Plate Roof in Middleton, PA - 2,057 sqft. ($167,000)

With a rear facade reminiscent of architect William Kessler's own famous home, this unique 1964 house has fantastic potential. The floorplan looks a bit mudd...

April 5, 2019

If you have a million-dollar-budget, then it's not hard to find some pretty fantastic mid-century modern homes. For many of us, however, the budget is far lower. This week, we unintentionally ended up with a collection of mid-century modern homes for sale that don't come anywhere close to the million-dollar mark. Proof that great design doesn't have to be incredibly expensive! 

Mid Century Perfection in Gainesville, FL - 1,662 sqft. ($449,000)

There's a superb, relaxing feel to this 1959 house designed by Ted Fearney and Dav...

March 29, 2019

This week's mid-century modern real estate roundup includes homes in Colorado, New York, Texas, North Carolina and Connecticut. While they each offer something unique, we are most impressed by the stunning design by Tician Papachristou in Boulder. Check that out - it is truly spectacular!

Stunning Design in Boulder, CO - 1,936 sqft. ($625,000)

We love everything about this unique modern home designed by Tician Papachristou on a picturesque rocky hillside in Boulder. Wonderful spaces and details throughout from the fireplace,...

March 22, 2019

From an affordable Lustron home to a sprawling MCM mansion in California, this week's real estate roundup has houses at all price points. One of our favorites from the week has to be all-original 1961 home in Tennessee - check out that kitchen!!

Stunning Time Capsule Home in Kingsport, TN - 2,545 sqft. ($230,000)

This one-owner 1961 home will blow you away! Check out all the original details: Ultra sleek fireplace wall, built in planters, totally private layout, large acre lot and one of the coolest kitchens we've seen. And...

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