February 19, 2018

In the 1930s, a type of artificial leather was created called Naugahyde. When you’re buying vintage mid-century modern furniture, you’ll deal with Naugahyde upholstery quite a bit. Naugahyde was cheaper than leather, durable and relatively easy to clean. Since it could be manufactured in large rolls, it also allowed furniture to be covered without visible seams.

In promotional materials, there was a definite tongue-in-cheek campaign suggesting that Naugahyde was the hide of an animal called a Nauga. If you’re interested, yo...

February 11, 2018

This one is for all you chair geeks / design nerds out there. (I'm one!) While we were living in Florida in 2015, I picked up a bargain chair ($10) that I nicknamed 'The Batman Chair' as it looked like the seat of the Batmobile.  After identifying it online as a Jerry Johnson Sling Chair I dug a bit deeper and found the design patent, including it in my listing.

199,621 Patented Nov. 24, 1964 United States Patent Office ARMCHAIR Jerry Johnson, Malibu; Calif. Charlton Company Inc., Fitchburg, Mass.

I took some...

February 22, 2017

Picture this: You spot a gorgeous wooden table at a garage, or a vintage store, or even your grandmother's basement. Maybe it is Jens Risom, or a classic Knoll coffee table. Whatever it is, it's perfect...until you take a closer look, and spot some water stains.

If a table is 50 or 60 years old, then watermarks and stains are common. They are often in circles, indicating a wet glass placed directly on the surface on the table. (PSA - Always use coasters!)

Don't despair, because even serious water stains can come out of woode...

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