June 29, 2018

This week brings another great collection of mid-century properties. Snag an amazing home in NY with river views, and get a 100-year-old architect tenant in the deal. Or, check out the mid mod cabin in the Ohio woods, compete with bright orange door. Plenty of affordable homes and great design for mid-century modern architecture fans!

Centenarian's MCM Pad in Ossining, NY - 1,720 sqft. ($450,000)

A truly unique situation here. Architect Ladislav Rado's own amazing 1955 MCM home is for sale but with a catch: Buy the home but...

June 27, 2018

Kodawood of Miami is known and loved for its mid-century chairs with curved forms and bright, unique fabrics. Although they were originally the makers of more affordable versions of popular designs, they are now just as sought after for their original eye-catching designs and colorful upholstery. Read on to learn a bit more about the brand and the people behind it.

A Family Affair

Herman Wiener and his brother Seymour James Wiener (seen in the photo opposite) started a furniture production business in 1952. They bought...

June 22, 2018

Who says great architecture has to be expensive? This week's round up of mid-century modern real estate for sale includes three homes under $250,000! Sure, there's also a California property for sale at $4.5 million, but we all need to dream, right?

P.S. We got a lovely voicemail from a reader in England who really enjoys our MCM Roundup posts! Thank you!!! It's so nice to hear that other people look forward to them and share our passion for finding all the great MCM architecture that's just waiting to be saved :)


June 19, 2018

Last week I visited the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in Alabama for the second time - the first being 5 years ago when I was just beginning to develop an interest in modern design. That experience blew my mind and inspired me to pursue a design related career by way of restoring mid century houses and vintage modern furniture. Many other people have had a similar experience at this house including the world famous architect Paul Rudolph who visited at the age of 22. He is quoted as calling the living room shown above 'one...

June 18, 2018

For the past two years, Trystcraft has taken part in an exciting event in Kalamazoo: Vintage in the Zoo! Also known as VITZ, Vintage in the Zoo is an outdoor (but covered!) market held in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Held at the Kalamazoo Farmers Market on Bank Street, VITZ used to be held only once a year. In 2018, it will happen twice: In June and in August.

The first 2018 VITZ took place on Jun 3. Trystcraft was one of many vendors selling vintage and mid-century items. There were also plenty of great handmade crafts as well as v...

June 15, 2018

This week's roundup of mid-century modern real estate includes modestly priced homes, a stunner at nearly $3 million (!) and everything in between. There's everything from a post and beam classic to beautiful homes inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. 

Red Beam Modern in Salem, Oregon - 3,306 sqft. ($425,000)

Large post and beam modern with plenty of details to swoon over here: Walls of glass on front and back, integrated landscaping, wood paneling, central fireplace and great open plan flow. With the right furniture, some new ki...

June 8, 2018

There is a wide variety of mid-century modern homes included in this week's roundup, and you'll find properties for sale in Michigan, Iowa, Arkansas and California. There is a surprisingly affordable foreclosure, a home by Frank Lloyd Wright's Master Builder and an E. Fay Jones design, among others. Happy home hunting!

Harold Turner home in Bloomfield Hills, MI - 3,625 sqft. ($900,000)

Today, June 8th, would have been Frank Lloyd Wright's 142nd birthday. Therefore, it's only fitting that we include some Frank Lloyd Wright re...

June 7, 2018

As far back as the early 1950s, furniture manufacturers have been marketing the concept of chairs for him and her, or 'Mr.' and 'Mrs.' chairs based on the rather dated stereotype of men having larger and different proportions from their female counterparts.

"...usually accompanied by an ottoman - and this just might cause an argument. The wise thing to do would be to buy two of them and be on the safe side."

The Mr. Chair

Reading the article above, it all seems pretty funny now, but one eye catching chair design became...

June 1, 2018

A real treat this week with some fantastic architect designed homes at all price points across the country. Lots of original features coupled with tasteful updates. As always, if you know of any unique mid century homes for sale near you, send us a link so we can include it in next week's roundup.

Steel Beam MCM Wonder in Springfield, OH - 2,331 sqft. ($225,000)

Perhaps one of the coolest homes we've featured on our weekly real estate roundup, this 1966 gem designed by Gene Little is not to be missed. Fantastic steel framing...

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