May 3, 2019

Light is a central theme this week with several of our picks having double height spaces and skylights. Double height spaces work great with narrow rooms as the light draws your eye up and out. Skylights allow you to have a very private room yet not feel like you're in a prison cell! Check out our favorite light-filled mid-century modern homes for sale this week all across the United States.

1962 Modern in Urbana, IL - 1,850 sqft. ($250,000)

Plenty of great design for your money here with a very modern floor plan and origina...

March 8, 2019

Warning: This post will want to make you move. Side effects of reading about mid-century modern project homes, floating stairs, sunken living rooms and incredible design can include the inability to work and hours of missing time spent on Zillow. You've been warned.

Big and Modern in Nixa, MO - 3,756 sqft. ($399,900)

Lots of space for living and room to play in this 1977 home overlooking 35 acres. The house has some nice original modern features such as an oversized stone fireplace, groovy shag covered floating stairs, a con...

July 20, 2018

This week in our real estate roundup, we're featuring a number of spectacular mid-century modern home for sale. There are some bargain homes in need of work, an enormous MCM mansion in New Orleans and a light, spacious modern home in Washington. Of special note is the small but fascinating home for sale in Illinois, which is being sold without interior photos and is at risk of becoming a tear-down for developers.

Bargain Post and Beam in El Campo, TX- 1,679 sqft. ($147,500)

Long and low post and beam design with carport, bre...

April 6, 2018

This week we have another selection of great architecture for sale including one of architect Minoru Yamasaki's most recognizable commercial buildings, a huge mid-century home for a very reasonable price in Ohio and a very original California modern built by its owner. 

Minoru Yamasaki's Reynolds Metals Building, Southfield, MI - 34,144 sqft. ($900,000)

The Detroit modernist architect's creation showcased the Reynolds Metals Company's aluminum product by dramatically cladding the entire outside in a decorative suns...

March 30, 2018

Dreaming of buying a mid-century modern home? Whether or not you're actually ready to buy, these MCM properties are definitely worth getting excited about. There's a stunning home in Los Angeles that is being marketed to developers as well as fantastic homes for sale in North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin. 

Harwell Hamilton Harris Design in Chapel Hill, NC - 2,518 sqft. ($525,000)

If you're looking for a mid century modern home with character, this one's for you. Designed in 1969 by 'Starchitect' Harwell Hamilton Harris, this...

March 16, 2018

We've found some truly special mid-century modern homes for you this week. Some are by renowned architects, others are in historically designated neighborhoods and there's even one by a famous prefab company.

All of the homes have many original features which we love. Sadly, many sellers often 'update' their homes before bringing them to market . In many cases (including us!) buyers much prefer to buy with original features intact and then make their own updates as they live in it. Let's hope more sellers will restrain them...

March 9, 2018

What do architects Gene Leedy, Robert T. Coles, Norman Carver and Roy Johnson have in common? Some of their designs can all be found in this week's real estate roundup! There are a few very affordable mid-century modern homes on this list, along with a lakeside cottage on a 15 acre lot that is a prime target for developers. 

Stunning Gene Leedy Modern Home in Winter Haven, FL - 2,952 sqft. ($395,000)

Gene Leedy designed this walled concrete home for the Ellison family in 1963. I've seen this house in person, and it is truly...

March 2, 2018

Searching for a mid-century modern home to call your own? This week we've rounded up some fantastic options. There's an E. Fay Jones design in Arkansas that boasts organic architecture at its finest as well as incredible homes in Connecticut, Michigan and Oregon.

Organic Architecture in Harrison, AR - 3,792 sqft. ($325,000)

This E. Fay Jones masterpiece is a visual delight. With its flagstone floors and redwood walls, there is great honesty in the use of materials. Built in 1977, this mid-century modern home in Arkansas...

September 10, 2016

For some people, the ultimate dream is to live in a mid-century modern home. I'm totally in that group! There’s something incredible about the clean lines, open-plan living and integrated design that makes them an obvious fit for those who love modern architecture. Finding an MCM home in your area, and in your budget, can be tricky, however. These tips might be just what you need to snag your dream mid-century home. It has worked for us in the past! We were lucky enough to find and purchase an amazing 1958 home in Florida...

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