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Late 1940s/Early 1950s production of the world's most famous modern coffee table, designed by Isamu Noguchi and made by Herman Miller. Sculpture and function are one with the organic form base in solid walnut consisting of two matching halves simply held together by a solid aluminum pin. The 3/4" thick vintage green glass is the very heavy but exquisitely beautiful icing on the cake, allowing the base to be viewed in its entirety. The hand cut top is sought after for its unique imperfectness and unmistakeable green hue that shimmers as your perspective changes (see the video for this feature in action)


With three points of contact and an almost 150lb top, this iconic table is self supporting and makes an instant modernist statement.


This table was bought in Chicago around 1949-1951 by the previous owner's parents and was a treasured fixture in their living room. The wood base shows the time earned patina of 70 plus years of life including a faded finish, occasional edge wear and the owner told me it was reglued at one point in the 1990s. The glass is in remarkable condition with no edge chips and only occasional faint/light scratching. 


Authenticity- this table is guaranteed authentic by a number of defining characteristics:


1 ) the distintive contour of the sculpted base, including the subtle concavity along the long axis of each piece so that light can be seen underneath the center, and that the top balances on two points of the downward pointing piece, not its entire length.


2) solid aluminum pin with no locking fins compared to new examples


3) thick green glass top with ribbon edge (see final photo for comparison with new production)


4) distinctive swirl across the two pieces where they are joined - achieved by using the same pieces of wood.


Dimensions with top: 50 x 36 x15 3/4

Early Noguchi IN-50 Walnut and Glass table by Herman Miller

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