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Very rare table set designed by Peter Hvidt and Orla Molgaard-Nielsen for France and Daverkosen in the mid 1950s. Set Consists of a solid Teak and Wenge strip coffee table with a pair of solid teak triangular satellite tables that 'dock' underneath, each resting on four metal tabs. Rare to find the complete set. All three pieces have France and Daverkosen stamp and John Stuart medallions (the retailer that sold/distributed the set).


Condition: This set has been refinished and the nesting table leg mounting hardware reinstalled. Old problem areas have been reglued, filled and recolored to match as closely as possible. Repairs are only visible underneath the satellite tables if you are actively looking for them.



Main table is 54 3/4" long x 27" wide x 17" high

Small tables are 14" on each side.

Rare Hvidt Danish Coffee table and satellite table set

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