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Staging a Mid-Century Modern Home

japanese modern table, post and beam architecture

Selling a mid-century modern home can be a little bit of a challenge. On one hand, you’ve got a great product and a built-in audience that will appreciate the unique design quality of your property. On the other hand, you’re bound to run into a few people who don’t appreciate MCM style, or who have plans to remodel or even - gasp! - rebuild on the site. Here are some tips to help you stage a mid-century modern home for sale that can help you sell your home faster and to a buyer who will appreciate the property.

Don’t Get Kitsch

It’s tempting to play up the mid-century aspects of a home by setting the table with vintage tableware, hanging up retro art and dressing in vintage-inspired clothing for the showings. This can be fun, but keep in mind that people are buying a home, not attending a “Mad Men” theme party! Minimize the kitsch, and consider putting away some of your personal items to make sure the space feel larger and more modern.

Clean Glass Windows

One of the staples of a truly amazing MCM home is glass, whether in the form of large sliding doors or stunning picture windows. Make the most of this design feature by keeping the windows clean while showing the home, and especially when taking professional photos for the listing. Even a small smudge can detract from an otherwise remarkable space.

Emphasize Storage Potential

Many potential home buyers are wary of investing in a mid-century home because they are concerned about the lack of storage space. This is doubly true if your home boasts a sleek carport instead of a garage. The issue can be remedied, however, by emphasizing existing storage space. Clean out closets so that they can be opened and viewed, and showcase any under-sofa or built-in storage options that are available.

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Make One Design Classic the Focal Point

If your love of mid-century modern design extends from architecture to furniture, then you might have a serious collection accumulated in the home. However, too much can actually feel overwhelming to buyers, who may already have pieces of their own they want to imagine in the space. Keep it clutter-free by keeping just a few design classics in any given room. A well-placed Danish lounge chair or a stunning room divider can help bring out the natural beauty of the home.

Point Out What’s Original

When showing your home, or working with a real estate agent, be sure to carefully list everything that is original to the space and what has been updated. Buyers may want to know whether the stove is original or just a great retro replica, and they might be curious to know if certain furnishings were original to the property. If you’re the second or third owner, this can help give an older home depth and personality, adding to its value and increasing the likelihood of a sale. Keep these suggestions in mind as you get ready to put your mid-century home on the market. If you’ve already bought your dream MCM home and you’re ready to start furnishing, check out our shop for ideas on how to bring the space to life!

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