The Progression of Home Furnishings: From College to Curation (What Stage Are You At?)

mid-century dining room, knoll table, tulip chair

Think back to your college days. As you dined on 10-for-$1 packets of instant noodles and drank lukewarm beer because you were old enough now, damn it, there’s a good chance that you were sitting on a chair left behind by the previous tenant. That desk where you passed out after morning classes and studied dutifully? Probably some version of particle board purchased when a rowdy party broke the one your mom bought you Freshman year.

As we mature, so does our sense of style and design. Check out this natural progression of furniture that just about everyone can identify with.

Teen Years

You live at home. Your furniture consists of whatever furniture your parents buy. There is at least one sofa that you’re never allowed to eat or drink on. There’s also a good chance that a couch has been completely wrapped in plastic to protect it from damage. (And from any semblance of style.)

College Years

Party on, man! Anything that can serve as a beer pong table is considered upscale furniture. Chairs should be sturdy enough to hold your buddy Big Bad Matt. Bonus points if two or more of them match, but that is far from necessary.

Your First Apartment

You have a real job now. You go to an office and everything, and you actually want to turn your apartment into a place where adults could hang out. Enter Ikea. For a few hundred bucks, you walk out with more flat packs than you can shake a stick at. You develop a new respect for the allen key. All your friends have the exact same furniture as you, right down to the rug.

Home Sweet Trendy Home

Maybe you signed on the dotted line and bought your own place, or maybe you’re just ready to upgrade your apartment to one where the shower isn’t in the kitchen. This is the time when you can start to flex your design muscles, and your budget might allow for some updated furniture purchases. Ikea no longer holds appeal, so you branch out and splurge on pieces from *grown-up* furniture stores. Do you have kids? This is the stage when you might start seeing the reasonable side of plastic-covered coaches, but you will want to back away slowly from this idea.

The Curated Home

The pinnacle of the furniture progression is when you’ve finally got the curated home you’ve always dreamed of. It doesn’t look like anything from a furniture catalog, because you’ve procured one-of-a-kind pieces that showcase your style and personality. Vintage furniture often makes an appearance, whether that is a vibrant display of fiberglass shell chairs around the kitchen table or a coveted rosewood Eames lounger in the living room.

mid century modern living room

Ready to curate your own home? We can help you find the perfect pieces that show off your style and set your home apart.

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