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Mid Century Modern Real Estate for Sale: December 15th, 2017

This is our third installment of mid-century modern homes for sale across the country. As always, these are homes that we love and think you might too.

Paul Rudolph Biggs Residence in Delray Beach, FL - 4,327 sqft. ($1,395,000)

Built in 1956, this Paul Rudolph home is a just a block away from the beach. Plenty of glass and natural light bring the outdoors into the home. However, there's a catch: A recently built oversized addition has spoiled the clean lines and floating effect of the original. This one needs a purist with deep pockets to restore it.

Can you tell we've been spending a lot of time looking at Paul Rudolph architecture lately?

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

Bright and Original in Spokane, WA - 2,000 sqft. ($359,900)

This is a real gem of a house designed by architect Royal Alfred McClure in 1952. As the listing description says, its architectural pedigree has been left 'unmolested'. With its brightly colored accents, classic post and beam structure and full feast of great mid century features, this is a real find. And then there's the double lot and spectacular view...

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

A True Fixer in Ashburnham, MA - 2,003 sqft. ($74,900)

This one's only for those who can handle a complete restoration. Super cheap and great bones but you're going to have to use your imagination to see what this could be like after a lot of work. Built in 1961 and described in the listing as California Contemporary.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

Unique Mid Century in Belleville, IL - 2,436 sqft. ($219,000)

This house is an interesting upside down (living areas on upper floor) design with 'outrigger' structural elements. Built in 1971, the home boasts a large deck giving a nice view from its raised position. Very cool interior staircase as well!

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

MCM Gem in Denton, TX - 1896 sqft. ($225,000)

A really nice and pure mid century design with a beautiful entry sequence and plenty of privacy. Loads of natural light and the wood paneling looks to be in great condition. A reasonable price for what looks to be a turnkey 1965 home.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

Barrel Vaulted in North Fort Myers, FL - 1,705 sqft. ($209,900)

A rare barrel vault shaped roof makes this house in Fort Myers stand out. This is another fixer with lots of work needed, but it could be a really great home if restored in the right way. Affordable, canal frontage and a balcony overlooking the large pool area are further pluses. Built in 1964.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

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