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Mid Century Modern Real Estate for Sale: December 22nd, 2017

This is our fourth installment of mid-century modern homes for sale across the country. As always, these are homes that we love and think you might too. This week's round-up boasts a range of prices starting at $54,000 and going all the way up to $549,00. A testament to the fact that mid-century modern architecture really can fit into any budget.

Starchitect Alfred Browning Parker Project in North Miami, FL - 1687 sqft. ($549,000)

A great opportunity to restore an early home by Alfred Browning Parker, South Florida's 'starchitect'. Although the listing doesn't mention it, this is the 1957 Hogarth residence. While it has had it share of unfortunate 'updates' (check out the incongruous modern kitchen), this house's bones are screaming to be restored.

See more photos and full Zillow listing HERE.

Very Convincing Frank Lloyd Wright Style Home in Fort Worth, TX - 2788 sqft. ($350,000)

If you're looking for your own FLW style home, this 1966 beauty ticks a lot of the boxes. Starting with the very private entrance that guides into a courtyard, up some shallow stairs and under a deep overhang and the integrated landscaping works shows this was a well thought-through design. The fantastic open plan living/dining area features a central fireplace, built in seating and a nice level change. The bedrooms feature original built in furniture and shelves...and that turquoise carpet is perfect.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

1964 Block Home in Holly Hill, SC - 4,082 sqft. ($149,900)

This home is one in need of some work, but the bones are impressive. This 1964 block home is open plan, with a spacious entryway full of natural light. The interior blocks look to be in good original condition (unpainted), and lots of glass sliding doors create wonderful continuity between indoors and outside. The square footage includes a 1,000 square-foot guest home that looks to be a more traditional design.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

Insanely Cheap Fixer-Upper in Jacksonville, FL - 1,229 sqft. ($54,900)

It's hard to imagine any home coming in at this price point, let alone a mid-century modern gem. Built in 1959, this "mid-century modest" house has two bedrooms and one bathroom. Lots of natural light, a covered carport and intact block and brickwork make this a true fixer-upper with plenty of potential. This will certainly be a major project, but at that price it could be well worth the expense.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

Truly unique MCM in Akron, OH - 5098 sqft. ($470,000)

This 1975 home designed by Bernard Busson has it all: soaring ceilings, ample square footage (including an indoor pool), a variety of levels and spaces and a lot of original features including this amazing staircase.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE

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