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Mid-Century Modern Real Estate for Sale: January 19th, 2018

This week's mid-century modern real estate roundup includes a wide range of properties. At one end of the spectrum, there's a pristine Frank Lloyd Wright home for sale in New York at $1.5 million. At the other end, there's a Futuro House that is basically an MCM UFO shell for sale at $50,000. Check them all out below!

Serious MCM Curb Appeal in Englewood, CO - 1964 sqft. ($335,000)

This 1962 design looks like it is about to take off! Really cool front of the house, raised up above the street for privacy on the upper levels - the view from the living room shows a neighborhood of similar MCM homes so you'll be in good company. A nice fireplace and groovy slanted kitchen cabinets are other notable features. This one needs a bit of work but what a house it could be.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

Classy Modern in Southfield, MI - 3,052 sqft. ($289,000)

Very nicely designed house based around a large central skylight. A large home at a great price in Southfield, Michigan. The interiors of this 1961 build are very cohesive and unify the vision showing this was designed by a talented architect - the skylight and window seat feature above the entry are reminiscent of Minoru Yamasaki's work in the area.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

Frank Lloyd Wright in Pleasantville, NY - 2,164 sqft. ($1,500,000)

The Sol Friedman House was built in 1948 and is located less than an hour's drive from NYC. The circular masonry in this home is a thing of beauty, and you'll love the built-ins designed by FLW himself. The mushroom-esque carport is a unique feature, and the whole property is tied to its natural surroundings. The home looks to be in pristine, museum-worthy shape and would be an incredible residence to own.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

Regional Modernism in Shreveport, LA - 3469 sqft. ($539,000)

An interesting 1962 home by a local Louisiana architect puts a regional twist on modernism with its plantation style columns at the rear. The interior is full-blown modern, however, with many great original mid century features including a fireplace, double height entry, wood panelling and a very impressive kitchen. The owners are clearly mid century fans with good taste so this one will probably go fast!

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

Futuro House for Sale in Livingstone, IL - 530 sqft. ($50,000)

The Futuro house was a prefab home designed by Fin Matti Suuronen in 1968, intially to be used as portable ski chalet. Made from light fiberglass-reinforced plastic (which was cheap at the time) it was made livable with a high powered electric heating system and further insulated with polyurethane. Apparently it could be heated from -20F to 60F in 30 minutes. It included an open plan living/dining/kitchen area, an enclosed bedroom and a bathroom. Built in furniture made the most of the compact floor area. This one has been completely gutted, however and will require complete restoration...but what a project it would be!

For sale by Pink Elephant Antiques, 708 Chs 68, Livingston, IL 62088, USA

Find out more about Futuros from:

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