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Mid-Century Modern Real Estate for Sale: February 9th, 2018

This week's listings include homes by Starchitect Bruce Goff and another by one of his students. Also featured are homes with unique roof lines and huge window walls - all features we love. Check out the listings and help preserve these architectural treasures. If you're selling a mid-century modern home, or there's one in your neighborhood you want to protect, email it to us! If we like it, we'll include it in our next weekly roundup.

Bruce Goff Masterpiece in Joplin, MO - 2,480 sqft. ($210,000)

Architect Bruce Goff's creations are like nothing you've seen before and the Freeman House (1959) doesn't disappoint. A very livable floorplan with dynamic level changes and a soaring roof provide a variety of spaces to enjoy. This one has to be experienced in person. We've included photos from a previous real estate listing, which were then featured here as this home deserves better than the terrible photos on the current listing. That price is not a typo - this is an amazing architectural find worth exploring.

See more photos and the full Zillow listing here.

Architect Robert F. Reed House in Oklahoma City, OK - 2,145 sqft. ($350,000)

Reed was an apprentice of Bruce Goff, the architect of the previous house. This 1962 house is a controlled, cohesive design that has it all. The courtyard space is made private with a wonderful brick screen which is echoed in the main living area. Light from the courtyard fills the rooms and keeps all the brick from becoming overwhelming. Nice level changes and built in storage throughout. All it needs is some colorful mid century modern furniture and this house will come to life.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

Eye-catching Floating Roof Modern Home in Lutz, FL - 2,846 sqft. ($450,000)

This spectacular home went pending after it was first offered last month but it's back on the market. The most notable feature of this 1967 home is its mind boggling compound hyperbolic paraboloid roof (trying saying that 10 times fast!) The house also features a glass-walled double height open plan living dining area. And... it's also on a lake.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

See-through Post and Beam in Dallas, TX -1,730 sqft. ($495,000)

Both ends of this 1958 house are glass, but the front has a fantastic architectural screen to keep prying eyes away and still allow in natural light. The interior is wonderfully open plan and the kitchen retains many original features, including a Tappan double oven and a rare built-in Nutone mixer. Brick floors and fireplace add even more character into the mix.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

Amazing Mid Century Modern Home in Birmingham, AL ($299,000)

We picked this 1968 home out earlier in the week and were wowed by its architecture. We just saw it's gone to "pending offer" but it's such a great home we kept it in. Packed with great MCM features and plenty of visual interest this home occupies a stunning 1 acre bluff lot. Actual square footage not given in the listing but with 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a huge living area this one is likely close to 4,000 square feet.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

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