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Mid-Century Modern Real Estate for Sale: March 9th, 2018

What do architects Gene Leedy, Robert T. Coles, Norman Carver and Roy Johnson have in common? Some of their designs can all be found in this week's real estate roundup! There are a few very affordable mid-century modern homes on this list, along with a lakeside cottage on a 15 acre lot that is a prime target for developers.

Stunning Gene Leedy Modern Home in Winter Haven, FL - 2,952 sqft. ($395,000)

Gene Leedy designed this walled concrete home for the Ellison family in 1963. I've seen this house in person, and it is truly wonderful. With its double T concrete beam roof, multiple courtyards and the coolest pool area you'll likely see today, it offers a range of outdoor spaces for enjoying Florida's sun. Inside is a real treat for design lovers with true open plan living enhanced by cork flooring, original built ins and huge floor to ceiling sliding doors. Leedy homes like this don't come up very often so this will go fast.

See the entire Zillow listing and more photos here.

There's also a great 3D mapping of the home here.

Fantastic Architect Studio and Residence in Buffalo, NY - 2,000 sqft ($165,000)

This 1961 property is a dream for mid century modern fans - Architect Robert T. Coles' own home and a separate building where he actually practiced. Classic post and beam structure, plentiful light and windows, a range of spaces, many original builtins, killer fireplace and a bargain price tag.

See the entire Zillow listing and more photos here.

Light-Filled Modern in Chestnut Ridge, NY - 1,820 sqft ($500,000)

This 1972 post and beam home has a seriously impressive fireplace. The main living area is a sight to behold with a double height ceiling and a true wall of windows letting light and warmth in. The wraparound balcony lets you enjoy the view from both levels, and the kitchen is one of many fantastic original features in this home by architect Roy Johnson.

See the entire Zillow listing and more photos here.

Bargain MCM in Charleston, WV - 1,444 sqft. ($129,000)

Very original flat roof mid century modern home for sale in Charleston. Nice proportions and great color scheme. Interior photos show this 1959 home has been well taken care of. Interesting orientation of the home with garage semi-enclosing the house creating a courtyard for privacy. This, along with a number of skylights, makes the house bright and appealing.

See the entire Zillow listing and more photos here.

Norman Carver Designed Cottage + 15 Acres in Coloma, MI - 640 sqft. ($1,750,000)

Own a piece of heaven by our home's architect, Kalamazoo's Norman F. Carver Jr. Possibly his smallest commission, this 640 sqft. idyllic lakeside cottage overlooks a river that empties into the lake. Carver's sensitive Japanese style post and beam design sits humbly amidst a stunning 15 acre lot. Built in seating surrounds a central fireplace. Carver's family summered here with fellow renowned photographer Balthazar Korab's family. This cottage is probably at risk from redevelopment due to the size of the lot. We hope the eventual buyer will preserve the cottage - there's plenty of space to allow another house to be built nearby. A real gem.

See the entire Zillow listing and more photos here.

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