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Mid-Century Modern Real Estate For Sale: January 11th, 2019

If you're experiencing freezing temperatures like we are here in Michigan, you might find yourself unexplicably drawn to mid-century modern real estate in warm places. In this week's roundup we've got a fixer-upper in Florida and a beautiful post and beam home in California. Also, feast your eyes on the incredible living space in the New Jersey home - it's got the ultimate sunken living room.

Modern Fixer in Gainesville, FL - 1,861 sqft. ($177,700)

This is my favorite kind of listing: A strikingly unique design in a neglected state with only a few photos can only mean one thing - a very original home ready to be restored. The roof profiles are reminiscent of Mark Hampton's work on the all-concrete Horizon Home in Tampa. I encourage anyone interested to arrange a viewing in person to discover what the interior looks like. Yes, there will be roof issues and a lot of cleaning to be done but this home could be a real diamond. The listing mentions an eye-catching wood burning fireplace, terrazzo floors and, my favorite, a central atrium! I just hope the 'new coat of paint' mentioned in the listing is not a white washing.

Check out the full listing with lots more photos here.

Palmer & Krisell Home in Northridge, CA - 1,674 sqft. ($674,900)

So many elements to love about this 1959 home from the unique staggered block feature wall streetside to the superb post and beam structure and minimalist fireplace detail. Designed by renowned mid century architects Dan Palmer and William Krisell, the house features 4 bedrooms on a 1/3 acre lot. Fully open plan living area looks out onto a generous backyard with a great pool. Sure, the photos may have been taken in the 80s (along with some of the fixtures) but this house has great bones and looks very livable. Just make sure you change that garage door to something a bit more modern.

Check out the full listing with lots more photos here.

Wood and Glass home in Clearwater, FL - 1,370 sqft. ($499,000)

Love the materials in this home designed by Harry S. Ransom, Jr. Light and character filled, the home retains its old Floridian charm, harnessing cross breezes for cooling and deep eaves for protection from the sun. While the new garage isn't totally complementary, it doesn't detract too badly from the original design. Love the wood walls, brick fireplace and that full glass back wall.

Check out the full listing with lots more photos here.

1970 Mega Modern in Tenafly, NJ - 6,400 sqft. ($1,888,000)

This home is all about the living area, and for good reason: It boasts a double height space, is traversed by a catwalk with a sunken living room below and has both sides fully glazed. It's like the owner ran through a checklist of awesome features and the architect ticked them off one by one. This may be the coolest living room ever! Currently on short sale status, this one is sure to get a lot of attention.

Check out the full listing with lots more photos here.

International Style in Alexandria, VA - 2,584 sqft. ($849,900 Coming Soon)

If you're looking for clean lines, clean floors and clean air, this is the one for you. Recently renovated by its architect-owner, this 1954 International style modern home is sleek and well proportioned, offering plenty of access to outdoor living. While interior shots are limited at this stage, the finish quality looks excellent. Definitely one to check out.

Check out the full listing with lots more photos here.

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