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Mid-Century Modern Real Estate For Sale: March 1st, 2019

This week we've included some really diverse homes. There's a striking 1966 home with a structural exoskeleton in New Jersey and an amazing octagonal home in Maryland. Mid-century modern architecture comes in a variety of styles! We're also highlighting an affordable MCM home in Virginia, a light-filled home in Pennsylvania and a breathtaking post and beam beauty in California.

Unique Modern Home in Sussex, NJ - 3 bed/3 bath ($385,000)

There's a really interesting structural exoskeleton on this 1966 home and some nice spaces within. Lots of natural light and built ins. While the kitchen looks a bit tight, it does boast some nice original cabinets. The lot is also a stunning natural setting as the house bridges a stream.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Light-Filled Brick House in Pittsburgh, PA - 2,736 sqft. ($599,999)

While the symetrical and slightly bland brick exterior of this 1965 house and its accompanying carport may put you off, the bright and open interior is a lovely surprise. The main living area faces a double height wall of windows and a stunning loft overlooks the entire space. Definitely a home worth checking out.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

1956 Home With Potential in Richmond, VA - 1,225 sqft. ($189,000)

A modest mid-century home here with some nice modern touches. Love the floor to ceiling windows and brick fireplace nook. It looks like several walls could be removed to really open this up for a better flow. Decent price for the area, although there is some work that needs to be done. The potential is there for this to be a stunning home!

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Post and Beam Heaven in Palo Verdes Estates, CA - 2,152 sqft. ($1,499,000)

From the virtuosic team of architects Buff and Hensman, known for their California post and beam homes, is this beautiful 1966 home. It looks pretty original without too many of the obtrusive / offensive updates which are creeping into similar homes. Superb structure, flow and connection with the outdoors.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Octagonal Home in Lusby, MD - 1,399 sqft. ($339,865)

Not much to dislike about this home! Stunning location and site looking out into Chesapeake Bay. Several sides of the home are fully glazed and a great retro fireplace takes pride of place near the center. Simple but well expressed structure makes this a perfect minimalist home designed for relaxation.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

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