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Mid-Century Modern Real Estate For Sale: May 3rd, 2019

Light is a central theme this week with several of our picks having double height spaces and skylights. Double height spaces work great with narrow rooms as the light draws your eye up and out. Skylights allow you to have a very private room yet not feel like you're in a prison cell! Check out our favorite light-filled mid-century modern homes for sale this week all across the United States.

1962 Modern in Urbana, IL - 1,850 sqft. ($250,000)

Plenty of great design for your money here with a very modern floor plan and original details. Double height spaces, cozier nooks and cohesive feel throughout. Looks like a great deal at 250k.

Check out more photos and the full listing here.

FLW Apprentice House in West Mifflin, PA - 3,653 sqft. ($400,000)

Recent price cut of 25k on this Usonian stunner by architect Peter Berndtson. Check out the multiple living areas, brick fireplace, built-in seating, stunning Usonian style dining set and many other great features. This house has been on the market for 6 months and needs to find a buyer to take care of it.

Check out more photos and the full listing here.

Flat Roof MCM in Palatine, IL - 1,250 sqft. ($249,999)

A really nice 1951 post and beam house here with a fantastic integrated wall unit. Ignore the bizarre computer generated furniture staging in the first photos in the listing and take in the great space. Nice flowing floor plan with some corners to build interest and plenty of original features. Very affordable price too.

Check out more photos and the full listing here.

Edward Durell Stone home in Oklahoma City, OK - 2,403 sqft ($379,000)

A unique piece of architecture, this home was designed by Stone specifically for the 1964 World's Fair in NYC and dubbed 'The House of Good Taste'. This structure was built from that design a year later. A very open floor plan based around a large central skylight with living, dining and lounge areas pinwheeling off it. Recently restored terrazzo.

Check out more photos and the full listing here.

Mid-Century Stunner in Seattle, WA - 3,420 sqft. ($1,888,800).

Space, light and great design abound in this 1956 home by Robert Dietz. Love the palette of materials, double height living area, walls of glass interspersed with warm walls of wood and the cohesive feel. A superb house in great condition. If only it were in our budget!

Check out more photos and the full listing here.

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