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Mid-Century Modern Real Estate For Sale: May 24th, 2019

Some truly great homes for sale in this week's mid-century modern real estate roundup. To start, there's a sleek modern home in Texas that is listed as a teardown - if you know anyone in the Lone Star State in need of a fantastic MCM property, let them know about this amazing 1971 home! We're also featuring a Norman Carver here in Kalamazoo and fantastic design elsewhere in Michigan, Oklahoma and Maryland.

Sleek Modern Listed as a Teardown in Houston, TX - 1,634 sqft. ($725,000)

In imminent danger of being destroyed and replaced by some gaudy McMansion is this understated mid-century modern home built in 1971. Excellent details, simple lines and great materials. Looks all original. Please share this one to find someone who will preserve it!

Check out more photos and the complete listing here.

Unique Norman Carver Home in Kalamazoo, MI - 2,200 sqft. ($314,000)

I was fortunate to view and photograph this 1962 home yesterday. Set on a steeply sloping lot, this unique design is reminiscent of Edward Killingsworth's work and has a great floor plan based around a central skylit stairwell. The main living/dining area has 12 foot ceilings, 12 foot windows and is paneled in beautiful redwood. Plenty of original features including a freestanding fireplace, bathroom tiles, built ins and lighting fixtures.

Check out more photos and the complete listing here.

George Williams Home in Okemos, MI - 3,050 sqft. ($449,900)

This is a striking 1960 home with two amazing fireplaces and a very dynamic structure. Love the materials in the main room, the bathroom and the wall of windows across the back. Plenty of space and original features to enjoy...I just can't stand the kitchen wall tile!

Check out more photos and the complete listing here.

Modern Home in Stillwater, OK - 2,796 sqft. ($349,900)

Best courtyard award goes to this unique 1966 home with its dramatic entry garden. The main interior doesn't disappoint, which is more that can be said for the weird virtual staging that I really hope doesn't become the norm. Massive central brick fireplace and dividing wall is a nice counterpoint to the bank of windows and beautiful wood ceiling details.

Check out more photos and the complete listing here.

International Style House in Baltimore, MD - 3,136 sqft. ($795,000)

Designed by architect Charles Richter as his own home in 1965, this is a beautiful exercise in minimalist modern. Love the understated entry and anonymous public facade that contrasts with the wall of glass across the back of the house. Nicely flowing floor plan looks very livable. While the house is a bit too white for my tastes, warm wood furnishings go some way to warm it up a bit.

Check out more photos and the complete listing here.

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