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MCM FSBO: Selling Your MCM Home Without a Realtor

Selling a home without a realtor can be tricky, particularly if you live in an area saturated with homes for sale. If you have a mid-century home, however, you are an advantage: You’ve got a unique property to offer buyers! When we sold our 1958 home in Florida, we decided not to use a real estate agent. Selling it on our own was an eye-opening experience, and we learned a lot along the way. Here are some of the top tips for selling a mid-century modern home without a realtor.

Target the Right Buyers

It is important to remember that while you love MCM design and architecture, not everyone else does. That’s why it is so important to target your home to the right audience. If you list it yourself on websites like Zillow, be sure to clearly specify that the home is unique. To do that, use keywords that describe the home well. Some of the most effective terms include the following:

• Mid-century modern


• Unique

• Architect

• Mad Men

• Designer

• Retro

• Vintage

• 1950s/1960s

You can also mention architects by name, particularly if they are well known. If your home was designed or constructed by someone less well known, you can mention who they were inspired by. For instance, a home described as “Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired” might attract the right audience interested in architecturally interesting homes.

Make the Most of Social Media

Social Media is an excellent platform for anyone trying to sell a home without a realtor, and that is even more true when it comes to selling mid-century homes. There are countless groups on Facebook where homebuyers and sellers can share their findings online, and many are happy to have buyers list their houses. Even smaller groups can be a great find, because they will be advertising to your target demographic - MCM lovers! Mid Century Modern Real Estate World Wide is just one excellent example of a Facebook group that can help you market your home for free. You may even find a group specific to your city.

Market the Original Features

If you’ve targeted the right buyers for your home, then they will probably be interested in the original features you’ve preserved. That’s why it is key to point these out and showcase the mid-century modern aspects of your home. For instance, you might detail in a listing that the original terrazzo floors are still in great condition, or you could snap some detailed pictures of the original cabinets that still stand. Some homeowners focus exclusively on the home’s updates, but for an MCM property, it is often these older features that truly stand out to potential buyers.

Sell the Area Along With the House

It is not hard to find an incredible selection of mid-century modern houses across the country. Many of the best-preserved properties are located in rural places, or they are in less desirable neighborhoods. Even if you have a great property, make sure you market the surrounding area as well. Specify if there are any walking paths, public parks, schools, shops, or restaurants nearby.

Prepare for Lots of “Looky-Loos”

This is an often overlooked part of selling a unique home! If you’re publicly advertising that your MCM home is on the market, you could be contacted by several people who truly just want to look around the space. When we sold our most recent home, we must have given close to 60 tours in just a few weeks! That much interest is great, but we also wasted a lot of time cleaning and preparing the home, only to show it to people who weren’t truly on the market. To eliminate these “lookers”, you can do a quick vetting process over the phone or through email. Asking questions regarding financing and move dates can encourage only serious buyers to confirm a time to view the home.

Selling a fantastic MCM home can be tough, both because of the real estate process and because you’ll be parting with a unique property. While selling your home by owner may take more time, it can save you a lot of money in the long run. Whether you’re buying or selling an MCM property, let us help you furnish it in style!

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