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Risom Contemporary Furniture 1959: Part 2

Part 1 contained the first half of the vintage catalog of Jens Risom Design furniture from 1959. This is the second half.

All images are shared with permission from the Risom family. They are to be used for educational and noncommercial purposes. Learn more about Jens Risom and his work at

jens risom chair

jens risom 1959

jens risom office chair

jens risom sofa

jens risom sofa

jens risom furniture

jens risom vintage chairs

jens risom vintage chair

jens risom retro chairs

jens risom bench

jens risom desk

jens risom vintage desk 1959

jens risom vintage office furniture

risom vintage office desk

vintage Risom desk

Risom dining table

Jens risom vintage conference table

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