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Spotting Mid-Century Modern Homes on House Hunters

There’s something deliciously satisfying about watching an episode of House Hunters. It’s so easy to hate the men and women who traipse around houses, condos and apartments, picking out fatal flaws like paint colors or cabinet fronts. Here at Trystcraft, it isn’t unusual for us to watch an episode or two (or five) with a drink in hand.

House Hunters has been on the air since 1999, and there are currently over 1,770 episodes. Sadly, very few of those episodes featured mid-century architecture! If you’re a fellow House Hunters fan, but you want to be selective about the episodes you watch, let this be your guide.

Here are a few of the best House Hunters episodes that featured mid-century homes or design. (Spoiler: Tons of them take place in Palm Springs!)

house hunters Palm Springs mid-century modern

An LA couple decides to buy a mid-century home in Palm Springs. Once again, the allure of Spanish style homes compete with the great MCM properties in the area. How funky is this living room?

Rueben and Tim upgrade from condo living to a home in Palm Springs, and they see some incredible properties. They want the home to have a pool, be mid-century modern, be completely renovated and be built by an architect with a pedigree, so the quality of the properties shown are impressive.

A young couple in Sioux Falls, South Dakota struggle to get on the same page. They are torn between two styles: Bungalow or mid-century modern. As if it is a choice!

In this episode based in Gainesville, Florida, a couple can’t decide between mid-century style or Victorian charm. Seriously.

A couple in San Marcos, Texas, decide to switch their apartment for a house. Their big decision: Choosing between a Victorian home and a mid-century modern space. Is this a common theme? Do Victorian and MCM homes have a lot more in common than I realize?

MCM house hunters

Yet another LA couple escape Hollywood and head to Palm Springs, and they’re choosing between a sterile townhouse and a mid-century property with character.

MCM house hunters mid-century modern

With a $400,000 budget, Sean and Stephen of LA shop for property in Palm Springs. Their dilemma? Choosing a Spanish-style ranch or an MCM gem.

A pilot and his wife search for a home in Palm Springs, California. They are stuck between a traditional Spanish home and a gorgeous mid-century modern.

This episode takes place in San Diego, and is all about whether the buyers opted for a rustic ranch-style home or a mid-century modern house.

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