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Fitting Big Mid-Century Style into Small Living Spaces

One of the best things about mid-century modern style is its versatility. While it is easy to make Danish furniture from the 1960s look amazing in a spacious post-and-beam house or a retro remodel, it works just as well in smaller spaces.

In fact, part of the resurgence of MCM popularity has a lot to do with the small footprint of many mid-century pieces. As an increasingly number of people choose urban living, smaller homes are the norm. Fortunately, most mid-century modern furnishings can enhance apartments and smaller spaces. Smaller proportions, as well as lightweight pieces, make mid-century furnishings a natural fit in homes of any size.

Danish lounge chairs

Danish/Yugoslavian Lounge Chairs

Today, most of us look at these chairs as works of art, but they can be considered the original flat-packs. Just like IKEA, these lounge chairs can be taken apart and easily packed or shipped. This makes them ideal if you’re planning to move in the future or you just want a sleek chair that can look great in virtually any space. Another great feature of these lounge chairs is that you can switch up the cushions with ease. Since they fit box cushions, an upholstery change is a breeze. If you move to a new place and want a different color, it will be a lot cheaper to change the cushions than replace the chair.

Modular Shelving

George Nelson CSS Shelving looks amazing, but it is also incredibly functional. Since the shelving units are modular, you can customize them to fit your space. Look for the CSS units that best suit your home office or bedroom, and feel free to make changes as needed.

drop leaf mid century modern dining table

drop leaf mid century dining table

Expandable Dining Tables

There are few things more welcoming than a big dining table set for family dinners or holiday meals. Unfortunately, many living spaces can’t accommodate a large table for the entire year. There are two great MCM dining table options that work great in smaller spaces. The first is the drop-leaf table. This is when the leaves on either side can hang down to create a smaller table footprint. The second option is the expandable table. You can slide the leaves out to make the table bigger or smaller as needed, a convenient feature if you only occasionally host dinners or need the bigger size.

MCM glass coffee table

Glass tables

A common mid-century modern staple is the glass coffee table. A glass coffee table won’t take up a lot of visual real estate, and it allows for more natural light without blocking the view. Plenty of glass coffee tables boast a sculptural base, which means you aren’t sacrificing style. A Noguchi or Adrian Pearsall coffee table can be a show-stopping piece in a living room, and it will help create the illusion of a brighter, bigger space.

Jens Risom rolling bar cart

Bar Carts

If your place can’t accommodate a huge built-in bar, a bar cart can be the ultimate alternative. A rolling bar car offers those mid-century vibes, but it has a small footprint. If you only need it occasionally, just wheel it out for your next cocktail party. You can also keep it out on display, fully stocked, for whenever the need for Martinis strikes.

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