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Eames/Uniqlo SPRZ NY Collection Review

It's no secret that here at Trystcraft, we are big fans of Charles and Ray Eames. So when Uniqlo announced that they were releasing a collection in collaboration with the Eames Office, we were seriously excited! The SPRZ NY Eames Collection offers a variety of T-shirts, some of which include MOMA special editions, as well as blankets, stoles and house slippers.

Our first impressions of the collection were that the items were priced very reasonably - in line with Uniqlo's normal pricing. All items in the collection are between $14.90 and $19.90 USD. There were definitely some repeated patterns, but then again, that reflects the most iconic symbols and designs from Eames.

Our shipment of items just arrived, so we can show you some true-to-life photos and reviews of the collection. While we didn't splurge on the entire Eames SPRZ NY/Uniqlo Collection, we did grab a range of items to check out.

Eames Uniqlo shirt

Eames Uniqlo Shirt

The T-Shirts fit true to size and are made from 100% cotton. They look to be the same quality of most Uniqlo T-shirts - which is to say, they are cut well, look great but probably won't last forever. The T-shirt shown above also comes in the reverse color pattern, with white chairs on a black background, and it also looks good and fits well.

Next up, blankets! These are actually a little nicer than expected. There are two patterns: The classic Eames dot pattern and a multicolored triangular pattern. The inside of both features an incredibly soft fleece fabric. There also button closures - not sure how practical that is unless you want to wear it like a cape? We're already loving this blanket and the burst of color it brings.

Eames SPRZ NY blanket

Eames SPRZ NY blanket

Let's continue the cozy and check out the house slippers - Uniqlo calls these "room shoes". They come in four varieties, although we've only seen two in person. These come in three sizes: Medium/Large/Extra Large. They fit well and look great, but they weren't anything special - just your average house slippers. They will certainly be appreciated as the weather gets cooler, however!

Eames room shoes

Eames room shoes

The only items in the collection that seemed specifically geared toward women is the 2-way stole. This can be worn as a stole or as a poncho, and it comes in three colors/patterns. The best thing about this item is that it is reversible! And the quality looks the same on both sides, so you can easily switch up the look. It's definitely cut like a poncho, which makes it a little chunky/oversized as a scarf. But it's comfortable and attractive.

Eames uniqlo stole scarf

Eames Uniqlo stole scarf poncho

The full collection is available here, although it looks like a handful of items are starting to sell out. We're also giving away a few items on social media, so check out Trystcraft on Facebook and Instagram for chances to win your own items. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to subscribe to Trystcraft, and you'll stay in the loop for all our future sales and giveaways!

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