Choosing a Mid-Century Color Palette for Your Home

For many of us, living in a mid-century modern home means doing what you can to embrace the original style of the home. Of course, it’s your home, and you should always decorate it according to your own style and taste. If you’re looking for some direction, then here are some mid-century modern color palettes that might work in your space.

Harvest gold is a classic mid-century modern color that you'll find in Frank Lloyd Wright homes and in George Nelson furniture designs. In the right fabric, harvest gold can be an iconic mid-century modern hue.

What could be more mid-century than the olive in a martini? A dark olive green can be a fantastic choice for a 1960s or 1970s home. Let's not forget the close cousin of Martini Olive - Avocado Green! Anyone else getting hungry?

A splash of red is the ultimate way to bring attention to an iconic piece of furniture or a dramatic design feature. In an otherwise neutral space, a red womb chair or egg chair will absolutely become the focal point of the room.

Turquoise is one of the most popular retro colors out there. There's a fine line between using turquoise in a kitsch way and a classic way, but the right use of the color can be phenomenal.

Mid-Century Modern Color Palettes

If you're looking for two or more colors that go together well in a mid-century home, here are some great options as well as some interior shots to serve as inspiration!

Orange is a bold and bright color, and it can be hard to make it work in any home. The key is pairing it with plenty of natural wood. That can tone down the brightness of the orange while still keeping the retro, mid-century vibe alive. We love the pop of orange that our built-in soda adds to the living room, but plenty of wood definitely mellows it out.

Both of these colors work well on their own, but there is something special about seeing them side by side! Our kitchen and dining room cabinets are painted in alternating colors, offering plenty of aesthetically pleasing contrast.

Sometimes, a chic and simple approach is the ultimate way to let great design be the star. A minimalist black and white palette can go wonderfully in a mid-century modern home.

Whatever your mid-century modern color palette, we have a range of furnishings that go well in virtually any living space. Check out our seating, table and decor options at the Trystcraft shop.

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