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Mid-Century Modern Real Estate for Sale: Feb 2nd, 2018

This week's listings include a few time capsules: Some are perfect and move-in ready, while one is a complete fixer-upper bargain. As always, these homes are highlighted to reach sympathetic home seekers who will buy, not to bulldoze them for the land, but to cherish them. If you know of a home that needs to be highlighted, please get in touch with us!

Stunning Modern Design in Sacramento, CA - 3,200sq ft. ($1,300,000)

Carter Sparks is one of the most under-appreciated mid century modern architects and this 1970 house designed by him is a classic. True indoor/outdoor living with window walls that blur that boundary. Landscaping is gorgeous and the post and beam structure combined with level changes and skylights is a treat.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

Modern Stilt Home in Greenville, NC - 2,139 sqft. ($495,000)

You know a home will have a great view when it's perched on a slope like this! Eye catching both inside and out, this home was built in 1987 but really captures the mid-century modern aesthetic. Open to views on both ends, the natural light pours in and the 5.5 acre lot ensures privacy.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

Fixer-Upper Time Capsule in Borrego Springs, CA - 748 sqft. ($89,000)

While this 1957 home is small on square footage it is BIG on character! We love the angled walls, Frank Lloyd Wright style 'Desert Concrete' and a whole slew of original features. Anyone looking for a great restoration challenge in a beautiful wild setting should consider this.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

The Perfect Glass Box in Amagansett, NY - 1,000 sqft. ($1,999,000)

Designed by architect Richard Bender in 1960, this small glass box is all you need. Featuring window walls, 2 beds, 2 bathrooms and a pool, this home on 1.23 acres surrounded by woodland looks like perfection.

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

Quintessential California Modern Home in La Mesa, CA - 2,523 sqft. ($1,044,000)

This 1964 Lloyd Ruocco design is classic California. Packed with original features, this home is move in ready. A variety of indoor spaces and outdoor areas provide options to enjoy the beauty of this home. It was very difficult to narrow it down to just three images! Absolutely stunning!

See more photos and a full Zillow listing HERE.

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