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The 6 Best Mid-Century Modern Blogs

When you’re a mid-century modern fanatic, it’s not unusual to spend a late night searching through vintage furniture advertisements on That's what all the cool kids do, right? Luckily, we are far from the only people out there who like to dig deeper and explore mid-century modern furniture, architecture and design.

There are a few resources that we go to time and time again. On Facebook there are wonderful groups like Mid Century Modern, Mid Century Modern Pickers & Identification and Modernism. These groups can offer insight, advice and amazing photos.

Sometimes, it's even better to explore a specific topic in depth - and that's when mid-century modern blogs are ideal. In addition to our own Trystcraft blog, here are six of our favorite mid-century modern blogs that you might enjoy.

1. Retro Renovation

mid century modern blog

Retro Renovation maintains an extensive blog with lots of information about renovating mid-century modern homes. Some of the recommendations can skew a little "atomic", but there are excellent suggestions when it comes to sourcing materials like laminate kitchen countertops or vintage textiles. Be sure to read the comments of each blog post, because that's often where you'll get excellent advice for restoration projects.

2. Esoteric Survey

Go deep into design with this wide ranging blog filled with great research and both personal and rare photos. You can easily lose quite a few hours reading through all that is Esoteric Survey.

3. Mid2Mod

mid century modern blog

Sadly, the woman behind Mid2Mod is no longer updating this blog. However, there are more than 2,000 posts that you can still read. There is a lot of information about mid-century modern landscaping, furniture and architecture. You might like the mid-century modern pronunciation guide if you've ever struggled to know how to say names like Jens Quistgaard (apparently, it's QUIST-a-gar?!)

4. Frost House

mid-century modern blog

We're biased, because this house is one of our favorites. Nonetheless, we think you'll love the Frost House "News" section of the website. You'll get updates on the home throughout the seasons as well as great research on Alside Homes. One of the owners is a professional photographer, so amazing photos are a given.

5. Claass Haus

mid century modern blogs

This one is for the architecture nerds. Claass Haus dives deep into the history of great architectural designs and does fantastic research along the way. Some of the recent blog posts include topics like Bertrand Goldberg’s architecture at Wright College in Chicago, the Snow Flake Hotel in Michigan and the Automotive Life Insurance Building in New Orleans.

6. No Pattern Required

mid century modern blogs

If you're into mid-century time capsule homes, then No Pattern Required is a fantastic blog worth checking out. They curate some of the best home restoration projects on the web, and they even have a great retro travel section to guide your next road trip across the USA. Like Retro Renovation, No Pattern Required sometimes focuses a little more on the decor and a little less on classic design and architecture, but it is still a great collection of ideas, resources and photographs. Plus, it is updated regularly and is expansive.

Of course, our favorite mid-century modern blog is right here! Some of Trystcraft's most popular posts of all time include:

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