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Mid-Century Modern Real Estate For Sale: May 10th, 2019

Every home featured in this week's real estate roundup is architect-designed, and some of the homes were also lived in by the architects themselves. As you can imagine, these are truly spectacular properties - and some have the price to match. You'll find spectacular mid-century modern homes in California, Florida, Oregon, Missouri and New York.

Hidden Treasure in Granite Bay, CA - 2,263 sqft. ($600,000)

This is a true gem designed by Whitney Smith and Wayne Williams in 1960. The mid-century modern home lies deep in the woods and traverses the creeks of Hidden Valley. Love everything about this one from the space and materials to the details and the great relaxing feeling the photos evoke. Check out the shoji screens, the unique split beam framing in the great room and the covered decks that join the two volumes.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Architect's Own Home in Portland, OR - 2,892 sqft. ($699,000)

If you're fortunate enough to see a mid century architect's own home, chance are you're in for a treat. Portland architect Frank Shell's 1960 home is on the market and what a house it is. A unique roofline and a series of courtyards and vaulted space give the house a light-filled and weightless quality while at the same time providing a sheltered warm space that you'd be lucky to call home. I especially like the original cabinets here, clearly made from simple affordable materials but with great lines.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Wood-Walled Home in Suffern, NY - 3,200 sqft. ($500,000)

Another wonderful architect's home, this time a 1963 beauty by Murray Blatt. Warm wood throughout give this large home a very cozy feel, peppered with many nicely crafted details. It certainly ticks a lot of mid century modern dream house boxes: Sunken living room, built-in seating, courtyard, skylights, original kitchen, Japanese influence...the list goes on and on.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Paul Rudolph's Milam House, Ponte Vedra, FL - 6,858 sqft. ($4.4million)

After some serious shoreline work to toughen its protection from hurricane swells, this award winning house is back on the market. Known best for its striking facade of intersecting quadrilaterals, this 1961 house is an exploration of levels, spaces and functions with Rudolph's genius design sense. Lacking a bit of character since being depersonalized for the listing photos, here's hoping it finds someone with some seriously deep pockets to breath life into it once more.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

FLW Pappas House, St. Louis, MO - 2,310 sqft. ($1,200,000)

Although the 1964 Pappas house came on the market this time last year it's back with some fantastic new photos that help convey the beauty of this Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian design. Everything you'd expect from 'The Master' is there: Amazing light quality, superbly proportioned spaces, ample built-in storage and one-of-a-kind furniture. Where's that winning lottery ticket when you need it?

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

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