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Mid-Century Modern Real Estate For Sale: August 23rd, 2019.

Incredible diversity and a range of choice in this week's mid-century modern real estate roundup. Pay close attention to the first home on the list - it's a spectacular design on four acres at a shockingly reasonable price. Along with that Wisconsin property, we're featuring homes in California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Colorado. Check them all out!

Unique Modern at Risk in Hartford, WI - 1,819 sqft. ($235,000)

Sweeping forms combine to create a truly unique space in this 1969 home designed by architect Michael P. Johnson. Wonderful light, curving built-ins and a beautiful lot make this a real find. The clunky traditional dining set kind of ruins the modern effect but that would be easily fixed by selecting some vintage modern furniture. It sits on 4.22 acre lot with another vacant lot of 2.11 acres available for purchase. Probably at risk of being redeveloped so someone please save this house!

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Post and Beam in Modesto, CA - 1,699 sqft. ($355,000)

This mid-century modern home for sale is a really nice post and beam structure that reaches out to a covered patio and pool area providing much needed shade. Loads of light and warm natural materials (brick, wood panelling) make this an affordable modern. The only thing that turns me off are the exterior colors - a bit too barn-like for me.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Mid Century in Pittsburgh, PA - 3,701 sqft. ($479,900)

Striking exterior and a beautiful interior with a great floating staircase, built-in seating and fireplace. Listing photos are limited as it is having renovation work done, so here's hoping they haven't removed any of these original features in the process.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Wrightian Home in Tom's River, NJ - 2,304 sqft. ($340,000)

Another listing suffering from poor/insufficient photos but what we can see is gold. The home is packed with light-filled, beautifully proportioned spaces with natural materials and plenty of built-ins. Set back from the street, this 1961 house looks like a fine piece of mid century modern architecture.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

A-Frame in Breckenridge, CO - 836 sqft. ($449,000)

Based on the proportions and beam sizes, this A frame is most likely built from a Leisure House kit designed by architects John Carden Campbell with Worley Wong circa 1952. It's in a serene location and off the grid. Beams could be painted dark to bring out the structure a bit more and warm up the floors.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

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