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Architect or CAD Designer? Who to Hire For Your Dream Home

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You’ve chosen the perfect lot, secured the finances and started planning for your dream home. Congratulations! Once you’re ready to turn those dreams into a reality, you’ll need to decide how to build your custom home. There are plenty of options, but many people feel stuck deciding between an architect and a CAD designer to help create the plans. Take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of each to help you decide on the best choice for your property.

Architects: Pricey and Professional

An architect is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to creating structures. However, not every architect will be familiar with the style of home you’re ready to build. In fact, some architects work exclusively in certain styles, and others only work on commercial buildings. As a result, just being an architect isn’t a guarantee that someone will be the right fit for your vision. Another issue with hiring an architect is price. Architects can be very expensive, often charging hundreds of dollars an hour to work on blueprints and help design your house. If you already have a vision for your home, and you just need plans to make it happen, then an architect might be an unnecessary expense for your budget.

CAD Designers: Affordable and Effective

CAD designers, or technicians, are professionals who utilize computer-aided drafting software to create unique structures. By relying on digital software programs, they can create incredible home designs that can be altered or adjusted according to the needs of the client. A CAD designer might be an expert in the field of construction, an engineer, an interior designer or even an architect themselves. They will have a vast knowledge about CAD programs, and will be able to help homeowners take a vision and put it on paper.

If you are ready to build your forever home, or you’re just ready to add on another bedroom or renovate the bathroom, you might wonder whether it makes sense to hire an architect to organize the plans. In many cases, it will be far more affordable to hire someone proficient in CAD. You’ll still get incredible digital renderings, and even animated videos depicting your future home, and you’ll save money in the process. If you’re interested in getting home renderings or animation done yourself, we’re here to help or answer any questions you might have about the process.


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