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Increasing the Curb Appeal of Mid Century Modern Homes

Buying a mid-century modern home is an exciting event, and it is normal to spend a lot of time and effort focusing on the interior. However, don’t forget that most visitors will first see your home from the exterior. Does the view from the street or the driveway reflect the fabulous interior within? Here are some fantastic tips to help you boost the curb appeal of your mid century modern home.

Cut Back Vegetation

Some of the most stunning mid-century modern homes are located in overgrown lots. While all that overgrowth might be hiding a diamond in the rough, it could also be distracting from the home itself. While you certainly shouldn’t cut back all of the existing vegetation, thinning it out could help reveal the architecture beneath. This is the best way to show off the lines of the house. In particular, it can highlight a stunning roofline. Whether your home boasts a flat roof and clerestory windows or a butterfly roof design, be sure to show it off.

mid century modern roofline

Choose Minimalist Landscaping

Depending on the style of your home, you could take your landscaping aesthetic in many different directions. A Japanese-style garden can look beautiful, but so can a neat row of ornamental grasses. Even a bright green patch of well-maintained grass can highlight a great home.

All of these landscaping styles, however, should aim to be minimalist. When it comes to landscaping, less is often more. Try to bring the ideals of mid-century modern furniture to the outdoors. That means fewer embellishments, a limited color palette and a key focus for the space. In this case, that focus should be the home itself.

Build Mystery With Fencing

If you want to show off your home, fencing might be the last thing that crosses your mind. However, think about Frank Lloyd Wright’s philosophy of compression and release (also known as compression and expansion). This concept lets you soak in one aspect of design or landscaping before releasing into a new and larger area.

A well-placed privacy fence, for example, can reveal a side garden. Or, a wall of breeze blocks can showcase a beautiful courtyard. Just make sure that any fencing doesn’t limit the natural sunlight coming into a garden or any internal part of your home. Low walls can also extend the lines of your home. Planters can also draw in the eye and break up large, plain spaces.

Try Pressure Washing

If you live in a home that is 50+ years old, you can’t expect everything to look brand new. After all, that patina is part of the character of your house. To boost your curb appeal, you can do a few things to brighten up the property and make it look a little more enticing.

Pressure washing, for example, can breathe new life into an older home. Some block or brick homes shouldn’t be painted, but pressure washing can get them looking cleaner. Fences and walls can also be pressure washed for consistency. Even if you don’t have a home that can benefit from pressure washing, the driveway can easily get a fresh look. Just an hour or two of pressure washing in the driveway can set the tone for the appeal of the entire property.

Opt For a Brightly Colored Front Door

Adding a pop of color to a mid-century modern home is a great way to liven it up. You simply can’t ignore the allure of a beautiful entrance! If you’re looking for inspiration, search online for Palm Springs mid-century modern front doors. There are some stunning pale pink, aqua blue and bold orange doors that definitely add some curb appeal to their respective homes.

Add in a Signature Mailbox

Plenty of fantastic mid-century modern homes don’t look like much from the street. Whether they are set back on a long driveway or hidden from public view, that privacy can be appealing. To hint at what is hidden away, consider a signature mailbox. Think of a modern mailbox as the teaser, just letting people from the street know that something amazing awaits at the end of the drive.

mid century modern mailbox

Keep the Carport Uncluttered

This is one is far easier said than done! While many contemporary homes feature garages with doors that can hide all your accumulated stuff, carports are a lot more open. While carports are a fantastic design feature, the lines can get muddled quickly if it gets cluttered. Try to set up a system that leaves your carport open and visible for the best possible curb appeal for your home.

mid century modern curb appeal

Now that the curb appeal for your mid-century modern home is organized, you can return your attention to the interior. In the Trystcraft shop, we’ve got an array of MCM seating options, dining tables and decor that can transform your home.

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