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Mid-Century Modern Real Estate For Sale: July 27th, 2018

Another week, another round up of mid-century modern properties that have character and interesting architecture. As always, some are near time capsules, some need a little work and others need buyers with a vision. We often find listings with no interior photos because the agent presumably thinks the 'outdated' interiors will put off potential buyers. They couldn't be more wrong! This is exactly the case with the final house in our round up and the house in Saint Charles, IL, from last week. Hopefully more agents will realize that original, authentic interiors are just as sought after as 'updated' ones.

Post and Beam Gem in Cincinnati, OH - 1,700 sqft. ($185,000)

Great value here in this 1960 home designed by Robert Kettell. The house makes the most of a sloping site with a full walkout lower level, great views and plenty of light coming through floor to ceiling windows. Love the beams, the balcony and the decorative concrete block in the entryway. Thoughtful architecture on a beautiful lot.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Sprawling MCM Ranch in Barrington, IL - 3,982 sqft. ($777,000)

There's a strong California/ Cliff May vibe in this house with its large open plan rooms and walls of glass. Love the large beams, plank ceiling, fireplace, and generous overhangs. The sunken tub, covered entry pathway and wooded setting just add to the beauty of this one.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Unique Modern Home in Tampa, FL - 1,077 sqft. ($430,000)

A very interesting courtyard design by local Tampa architect Rick Rados that has been tastefully updated. Private from the front, the house looks out on a minimalist back yard space and a very tastefully designed shed which echoes the architecture of the main structure. Two huge oaks provide shade and a seating area under the shed roof's overhang is a nice touch. While the interior is a bit too white for my taste the right modern furniture with a burst of color would warm things up a bit. The kitchen looks great, and check out that black terrazzo!

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Long and Low MCM in Ashland, MA - 2,926 sqft. ($659,9000)

When I saw the main photo of this one I was eager to see inside. The interior shots, however, revealed a post and beam home where the structure had been whitewashed to hide it - the antithesis of what this kind of architecture is about. If the posts and beams were restored to a natural or stained tone, they would bring the space to life once more. Replacing the cast iron fireplace in the sunken living area with a nice vintage cone one would really help set the tone, along with some period correct furniture. So much potential here to be a standout home, this one has also been poorly photographed with all the curtains closed so the fantastic view is missed. Well worth a closer look for a buyer with vision.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Huge MCM Gem in Dumas, AR - 5,728 sqft. ($250,000)

This 1964 home listing with a single photo is the kind I love - very strong modern design that gives nothing away from the street, such that you are forced to imagine what it's like inside. The house is extremely private with bands of clerestory windows along the front, a central section with higher clerestories, skylights and courtyards on both sides and at the rear. It's MCM gold to me! I can only hope the interior hasn't been too muddled by previous owners. Needless to say, at over 5,000 square feet for 250k, you're getting your MCM money's worth!

Check out the full listing and hopefully more photos soon, here.

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