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Mid-Century Modern Real Estate For Sale: June 28th, 2019

This week's mid-century modern real estate picks are diverse, which just shows the wide range of styles that can fit under the umbrella term of "MCM". There's an impressive dome house in Wisconsin, classic post and beam design in Oregon, an inexpensive MCM home in Oklahoma, minimalism in Utah and an original courtyard home in Texas. Check them out!

Modern Dome House in Madison, WI - 1,451 sqft. ($449,900)

This unique modern dome house was built in 1952 and boasts a 14' ceiling in the main domed great room. Fantastic windows and a very liveable, cohesive design throughout the space. The carport is integrated into the house beautifully, and the home has lots of natural light. Definitely a unique structure!

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Post and Beam Beauty in Eugene, OR - 2,245 sqft. ($729,000)

Built in 1969, this home offers a very original layout. Check out the built-ins that really pull the home together, including the built-in conversation sitting area next to the staircase. The house is situated on over 13 acres of land, creating a real sense of privacy for the space.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Mid-Century Modern Ranch in Tulsa, OK - 1,816 sqft. ($137,500)

This home is a great example of classic mid-century modern design at a very affordable price point. This house, built in 1965, is a wonderful structure with an attractive carport and entry. The "remodeled" interior isn't perfect, and the flooring in particular is not ideal. However, it's a blank slate at a good price, making it perfect for someone who wants to create their own inexpensive MCM retreat.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

Minimalist Modern in Salt Lake City, UT - 3,962 sqft. ($899,000)

Designed by architects Ralph Edwards and George Daniels, this spacious home is a fantastic example of modern, classic design. The structure speaks for itself, and the interior boasts features like large windows, nice wood paneling and tasteful built-ins. A lot of the house looks to be original, which is a definite plus.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

MCM Courtyard House in Stephenville, TX - 3,529 sqft. ($358,000)

This 1960 courtyard house offers the perfect combination of natural light inside the home but plenty of privacy from the street. The interior courtyard is full of plants and brightens up the entire space, and there are lots of original features to admire. The wooden room divider is a talking point, as are the blue countertops in the original kitchen. The lot is over an acre in size.

Check out the full listing and more photos here.

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